DGW500DM-415CC (10kva)

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製品名(Product name) Engine welding machine(Real Dual Type)
製造元・型式 (Manufacturer ・Model) SHINDAIWA
長さ×幅×高さ (Length x Width x Height) 1680mm × 700mm × 950mm
機械重量 (Machine weight) 613kg
Rated Current CC Single/Dual 480A/230A(60/80% duty cycle)
CV Single/Dual 480A/230A(60/80% duty cycle)

Rated Voltage CC Single/Dual 39.2V/29.2V(60/80% duty cycle)
CV Single/Dual 39.0V/22.5V(60/80% duty cycle)
Current Adj Range CC Single/Dual 60-500A/30-280A
CV Single/Dual 14-40/14-29V
AC Generator rated voltage Single Phase/6.6kva/220V
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